Daffodils for Deanshanger

  • Deanshanger Village Heritage Society have organised a work party to plant daffodil bulbs on Saturday 29th October from 10 a.m.  Everyone is invited to come along and help – please meet in the layby by Elizabeth Woodville school field.
  • The aim is to fill in the gaps in the original planting along Stratford Road and also to plant some up the Buckingham Road if there are sufficient bulbs.
  • Tools needed for planting are a spade or trowel and a kneeling pad.  There will be a supply of gloves but you can bring your own if you prefer.
  • Bulbs and donations are being collected at the four main shops in the village (Spar, Co-op, DH Food & Wine and the Post Office/Top Shop) and also at the Community Centre and the Primary School.

Latest News

We received the following message from the Charity Commission this afternoon:

“We are satisfied that DEANSHANGER ALLOTMENTS is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1169612.

The decision to register was based on our assessment of the information supplied during the application process and the declarations given in the trustee declaration form and we are satisfied that DEANSHANGER ALLOTMENTS is established for charitable purposes only for the public benefit.”

Church Lane Allotments – then and now

Here’s how the environment used to look way back when many years ago – when we had a factory and canal in Deanshanger.  You can see our entrance road next to Wharf House.

wharf house (1)

Here’s two aerial shots taken in February this year.  What a difference!

Aerial view of CL Allotment 2 Aerial view of CL Allotment site Feb 2016

Plot holders at Church Lane will recognise their plot!  Just click on the photo to enlarge it.

Many thanks to our plot holders Jon and Graham for the great photos.

Has anyone got any similar ‘then and now’ shots of Puxley Road site?

Thanks to TCL

Steve Pittams and his team at TCL very kindly donated and planted a beautiful fruit tree in our orchard today (17th March 2016), along with bulbs in natural groupings across the orchard and around the trees.  This very generous and thoughtful gesture is very much appreciated and ensures our orchard will endure into the future and be an area of natural beauty that we can further enhance ourselves over time with other wild flowers and plants.

We would also like to thank Steve for his very kind offer of ongoing free of charge support at Church Lane site for 2016.

Last year, following their professional assistance in cutting down the huge pile of brambles in our orchard, TCL offered their services on a free of charge basis to help keep the weeds down in the area of land that we own alongside the old canal wall, outside our perimeter fence where the willows and tall trees are situated.  This area forms part of the Deanshanger Conservation Area.  They also helped us to control the spread and growth of new brambles in our orchard.

Very many thanks to Steve and his team!


Site Maintenance

If you would like to play an active part in site management and maintenance and would enjoy working as a team to help in keeping our sites looking good and working optimally, an opportunity exists to join your Site Committee for 2016.

Please send an email to deanshangerallotments@gmail.com indicating your site and in which aspects of site management and maintenance you would be interested in volunteering your time.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Yet another very successful work party at Puxley Road site!

A big thank you to the lovely people who turned up for the work party at Puxley Road site on Thursday 12th November 2015.  These were David,Trevor, Brian, Lee and Caroline, and of course Ian. They are such a cheerful group of people who show that work parties can be fun!  We are very lucky to have them as plot holders at Puxley Road.

The shed looks good with its new coat of paint and the shelter can now be seen with the brambles gone.  Well done to everyone involved!

PR shed painted Nov 15 PR bus shelter cleared Nov 15