Using Glyphosphate Weedkiller

Many of us wish to practice organic gardening and do not welcome exposure to glyphosphate-based weedkillers near our plots.

You may like to click on the following links to inform your opinion about glyphosphate, but please be sensitive to the feelings of your neighbours before using these products as their plots could be affected.


Puxley Road Site Maintenance Team

We are delighted to announce that Trevor Canvin has agreed to take the role of Deputy Site Manager, Puxley Road (PR) Site.  He and Paul Pullen will represent PR plot holders at General Committee Meetings.  Trevor has lived in Deanshanger all his life, has a wealth of experience in allotment gardening and has been a member of the PR Site Maintenance Team for many years. 
Paul and Trevor would like to extend a warm invitation to all PR plot holders to join the PR Site Maintenance Team. Anyone who can spare a small amount of time every week to enhance the PR site is most welcome.  Some of you may like to consider organising a social event, or doing some research into the feasibility of additional facilities that may needed/requested.  We need willing volunteers with a wide range of skills and interests and a sense of humour.
Paul’s contact number is 07835 616034, while Trevor’s is 07475 674856.  They are looking forward to hearing from you.  Alternatively you can leave a reply to this post.

A date for your diary!

The 2017 AGM will be held on 20th April at 7pm in the Methodist Chapel, Deanshanger.  The agenda will be posted on Church Lane noticeboard and in the ‘Bus Shelter’ at Puxley Road on Tuesday 28th March.  This year as there have been no submissions of topics for discussion under ‘Any other business’ we have invited a Guest Speaker.  Mrs Elisabeth Madden, who now lives in the Peak District, is the founder and former Chairman of Deanshanger Allotment Association, and her husband Bernard is the former Treasurer.  She is now a trustee of Deanshanger Allotments, Registered Charity No 1169612.

Elisabeth will be talking about the history of Deanshanger Allotment Association and the challenges faced in acquiring the sites, preparing and managing them.  Some of our plot holders experienced this first hand, so we look forward to the opportunity for a visit down memory lane – with the aid of some interesting photos!  No doubt there will also be useful learning points to apply as we start preparations on our new site at Northfields.

Tidying the woodchip pile, Puxley Road

Many thanks to Trevor Canvin for raking back the furthest woodchip pile at Puxley Road site on Thursday 9th March, which was taking up a large proportion of the car park.

Yesterday, on Saturday 11th March, Trevor was kindly assisted in raking back the second pile by Sue Thomson.  Many thanks Sue – much appreciated.

In addition to the condensed woodchip piles looking much tidier, the light will enable the grass to re-grow.  A retainer will be added along the front to ensure it does not re-spread as a result of wet, windy weather.


New lawnmower and shed for Puxley Road

The General Committee last summer approved the funding for a new shed, lawnmower and power tools for Puxley Road site.  A drainage solution for the rainwater flooding was also approved in principle, pending further investigation and cost appraisal, because our grant application to the Parish Council was refused.

We are pleased to announce that a new lawnmower has now been purchased for Puxley Road.  The strimmer has been refurbished and is available for use.

Although we would have preferred to retain the current shed and strengthen it with wooden panels from the inside, after close inspection yesterday it was found to be insufficiently robust to do this and hence to house the new equipment safely and securely.  Quotations are currently being obtained from local suppliers for a replacement shed of a similar design and footprint, pressure-treated with wood preservative to prolong its life.

A decision around a new hedge cutting tool will be made by Puxley Road Site Management later in the year when hedges need to be cut.  A cost-efficient drainage solution to mitigate the rainwater flooding is currently being explored.

Paul is keen to receive your feedback and would like to invite those who wish to play an active role in maintaining and improving their site and its facilities to join the Site Team/Committee. We all need to play our part in site maintenance to keep our plot rents at their current low level – as the use of external contract labour would be very expensive.  Please let Paul know if you are interested in helping on 07835 616034 or leave a reply to this post.