Successful work party today, 11th November – Church Lane Site

John and Jane would like to thank Annette and Steve, Anne, Julie and Jon for helping tidy up the site today.  Jon helped John dig out a further section of the orchard path and spread the soil into the orchard for future grass seeding, while Steve and the ladies cut ivy and brambles off the perimeter fence bordering three sides of our site.

Jane invited Paul T to join CL Site Committee members Jon, Annette, Steve and Julie in the plot inspection beforehand.  Many plot holders had made a special effort to tidy their plot for the inspection, so there are no badly overgrown plots to chase up.  Just a few weeds and untidy edges in places.  Much appreciated – thank you!

John also conducted a safety demo regarding the use of the strimmer.

We were extremely lucky with the weather as the forecast rain stayed away and we enjoyed some lovely sunshine instead.  It was satisfying and fun to complete our goals!

Once we have obtained SNDC’s official consent to pollard the willows along Canal Walk we will organise another work party, when we will also continue our work on the orchard path by putting a wooden edging along the orchard side (to protect the lawnmower).

As the green bins were completely full, Jane will collect the ivy and brambles cut from the fence and the back of the orchard and put it into the green bins once they have been emptied next week.


A plea to those who use weedkiller

Please read the latest links that have been added to the post below ‘Using Glyphosate Weedkiller‘ (first published in March this year) on this subject before using weedkiller on your plot.  You will need to scroll down a few posts to find it.

We have all signed up to the Bylaws and Code of Conduct in our Tenancy Agreement.  As specified, please discuss your potential use of weedkiller with all your adjacent neighbours before use.  For many plot holders, growing fruit and vegetables organically is the only reason they have a plot, so compromises will need to be found where strongly opposing views are held.

Next time you see weeds on your plot, please consider the natural method of digging them out or hoeing while they are newly-emerged.  Please respect the views of any organic neighbours who don’t want their crops poisoned and refrain from using weedkiller.

Thank you.

Thank you – Puxley Road site

A big thank you to Chrystelle Memin, Alan Kingston, Brian Harper and Ray Brock for kindly cutting not only the community grass areas at Puxley Road site, but also those paths to plots that are not being maintained by the relevant plot holders.

Without their kind volunteer help the site would soon become overgrown and look unkempt.

A reminder of Bylaw 1 which all plot holders have signed up to

“The plot is to be kept in good agricultural order, with paths and edges trimmed, thereby causing no nuisance by any means to adjoining plots.”


Deanshanger Flower, Produce and Craft Show Aug/Sept 2018

David Aaronson is seeking help to revive the Deanshanger Flower, Produce and Craft Show next year.
Would you be willing to join a small committee to work out how best to organise the set up and running of this revived event?  Or would you be willing to help out? Or might you just be interested in taking part?
Copies of the current schedule outlining the different categories for entry are available on request. 
Please contact David Aaronson on 01908 564233 for further information.

DAA Puxley Road Site Management Team

Three more plot holders have volunteered to join the Puxley Road Site Management Team, making five in total as required by our Constitution.

The 2017 Site Management Team will be Paul Pullen, Michael Gilbert, Alan Kingston, Brian Harper and Zigay Sucharski.  They will be key holders for the Power Tools Shed and will ensure tools are used safely and returned in good order.

Many thanks gentlemen – you will make a great team!