Well-rotted horse manure for sale

Well-rotted horse manure for your plot and/or garden can be purchased from:

Furtho Manor Farm, Northampton Road, Milton Keynes MK19 6NR.

Tel No:  07817 008809

The cost is 50p per bag if you take your own bag, or £1 per bag otherwise.

They can also deliver if you would like a larger quantity.


Roadside hedge and entrance, Puxley Road Site

A very big thank you to Ray B and Paul P for cutting the roadside hedge and entrance to Puxley Road site.  This has made such a difference to visibility when leaving the site, providing a clear view of traffic using the road, and will reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.


DAA General Committee decisions

At the meeting of the DAA General Committee last week it was decided that Deanshanger Allotments, the landowner, should apply to Deanshanger Parish Council for a grant to provide contractors to chip the remaining fine willow branches currently piled near our fence on the piece of land outside our perimeter fence at Church Lane (next to Canal Walk).  This land is not used by DAA but by the general public – for dog walking and by children for playing.

It was also agreed to start to tackle overgrown plots at Puxley Road.  Discussions are taking place regarding the loan/hire of suitable equipment.  The process to be utilised will depend on how easy the plot can be accessed by large machinery and for how long the plot has been allowed to lie fallow.  Cardboard and woodchip is a longer-term treatment and free of charge while the use of black plastic/damp proof membrane would provide a shorter-term weed suppressant solution for plots not badly overgrown that could be offered to new plot holders for this year’s growing season.

If anyone would like to donate any unwanted black damp proof/waterproof membrane sheets please let us know as sufficient membrane for a whole plot can cost upwards of £40.

Any plot holders at either of our sites who would like to help with the work involved would be very welcome.  Please send a message to Deanshangerallotments@gmail.com so that we can let you know when we have been able to organise the various activities.  If we don’t get sufficient volunteers for a Work Party, the Committee have agreed that we may have to consider hiring contractors.


Pollarding the willows – Church Lane site

Following planning permission being issued by SNC, the willows have all now been pollarded.  The branches have been placed temporarily in neat piles against our fence pending the larger trunks being cut into logs by those with suitable wood burners.  Please feel free to help yourself.  The finer thin branches could be used by anyone wanting to grow a willow hedge, for pea sticks or for building animal shelters.  Willow sticks have a very high chance of rooting in soil so unless you wish to grow willow, each pea stick should be scorched at the cut end before using it as a support.

The DAA Site Committee will be agreeing suitable disposal arrangements in due course.  We’ll let you know if it is agreed to organise a work party to help with this process, so that you can volunteer to help.

Volunteers Required – Puxley Road

Please let us know if you would like to offer your help in covering the spare plots at Puxley Road to prevent further weed growth.  With a co-ordinated approach, this will be easy to achieve and not place the burden on one or two individuals.

The recommended method is to cover the plots with cardboard (as unprinted as possible with metal clips removed) and then to keep this in place with woodchip.  This process does not cost the Association money, utilises materials that are freely available, excludes light so that weeds won’t grow but ensures the ground can still ‘breathe’ naturally so that insects such as earthworms are unaffected. The cardboard and woodchip rot naturally to form a mulch that can be dug in to break up the clay soil when the plot is take over by a new plot holder in the future.

If you are able to supply us with any cardboard we’d be very pleased to hear from you as the challenge is transporting it to site in bulk without suitable transport.  So if we all bring a little in our cars when we are next at the supermarket, this can be overcome.  Some has already been collected and is currently being stored in the shed for this purpose.  Please let Paul, Jane or any of the other Puxley Road key holders (list on the shed) know if you are able to supply any so that it can be put in the shed ready for use.

The woodchip is already on site and can easily be moved with wheelbarrows or using the plastic manure bags on site.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Your help will really make a difference.

Update on renewing DAA Tenancy Agreements 2018

All DAA Tenancy Agreements for 2018 were successfully renewed by the extended deadline of Saturday, 10th February 2018.

Approximately half of DAA plot holders renewed their Tenancy Agreements at the Payment Event organised.   We hope to streamline the process further next year for those who plan to be away in January 2019 or who cannot attend the Payment Event.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this process a success.